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Addicted Lashes - Bossy Girl Cosmetics
Silk Eyelash guide by Bossy Girl Cosmetics

Addicted Lashes

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    HIGH QUALITY & HAND-MADE LASHES--Each of our silk lashes is hand-made, soft,  shiny, and has a long lifespan. Make your eyes pop with our cruelty-free lashes.

    They can be reused more than 15 times with proper care.

    NATURAL & FLUFFY--Quality silk hair and the thin strip line make the lashes look natural and fluffy. They don't feel heavy on your eyelids. The thickness and curl of the eyelashes are just right. The hypoallergenic band reduces eye irritation.

    EASY TO APPLY--Lightweight and soft, they are easy to use again and again. Because of the thin band, the lashes themselves look amazing and fairly natural. Suitable for creating day or nighttime looks.

    Silk Eyelashes by Bossy Girl Cosmetics ; cruelty-free